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Does Mozilla store a copy of my synced tabs online, so that I can recover them following a serious hard drive crash?

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My Windows 10 desktop system recently suffered a serious failure. The SSD C: drive suffered some sort of catastrophic fault, and the device is completely unresponsive and it's contents are unrecoverable. All of my data files were on a different drive and are backed up in multiple places, but all my app config files stored in the appdata directory--including my Firefox profile--are gone forever.

I replaced the drive, reinstalled Windows and all my apps, etc., etc., including Firefox, which synced with my Windows laptop and everything is just about back to normal. EXCEPT that all of my 50 or so open tabs from that machine are no longer available. From the Synced Tabs list on my laptop, I can see an entry for the newly restored desktop system, but the tab list for that device is empty. In the Devices & Apps list on my Firefox Account page, I can see entries for all of my devices include TWO entries for the desktop system, the newly restored system as well as the old pre-crash system.

So the question is this:

1) Does Mozilla store the open tabs list for that system on their servers; and

2) Can I recover that tabs list somehow?

Thanks in advance. --scott--

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Hi Scott, sorry to hear about your drive failure. Everyone's nightmare.

All your Sync data, including history and open tabs, would have been stored together. I don't know whether there is a time limit on open tabs, or what happened to them. ??

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Judging by the devices that show up in my laptop's Synced Tabs list, I guess that the time limit is 7 days of inactivity before the device ages-out of the list. This is based on my bedside tablet having last synced 8 days ago and it *not* being on the Synced Tabs list. I just picked up the tablet, opened Firefox and forced it to sync, and BOOM Shaka-laka, it popped up on my laptop's list. So a 1 week time-out seems likely.

Unfortunately for me, it was long past that time that I thought to go looking for my desktop's open tab list. Unless Mozilla stores them on their sync server, I think they're gone. :-(