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Firefox lags for a second when entering or exiting full screen with hardware acceleration

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Firefox lags my PC for a second when entering or exiting full screen, locking my cursor in place as well. This happens when either pressing F11 to enter full screen or bringing a YouTube video into full screen. This also only seems to occur when hardware acceleration is enabled, even though my GPU drivers and Windows are up-to-date.

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Hi Ethan, as you know, Firefox has some "animations" when switching from regular view to full screen, as well as a notification when websites do it. Were these working smoothly for you in Firefox 69?

Beta updates regularly, so perhaps this is resolved by now, but if not, you might find more beta user discussions on Reddit:


What I would say about your experience with disabling hardware acceleration is that there may be a new incompatibility with the version of driver software you're using. That could be caused by a change on either side. If Firefox beta updates don't seem to be fixing it, you could file a bug and see whether the developers can suggest how to collect relevant diagnostic data.