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Video does not play on some sites

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On some sites, the video controls flash intermittently while playing. On one in particular - theguardian.com/uk - embedded video content will not play. The sound will, but the picture won't. I've done seemingly everything - disable hardware acceleration, messed about with tracking, blocking, permissions, extensions, plugins, reset that site, refreshed Firefox. Nothing works. I've been using Firefox happily for over a decade, but this is severely testing my faith and allegiance. I'm using a 2019 Mac, but Apple say it's not their problem. The protracted steps I had to take to even get to this page on this forum have seriously tested my patience. Please, Firefox - how can I fix this?

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I noticed that there's a new Firefox update. I've just watched three videos on said site that seemed to work. Dare I uncross my fingers...?

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Click the menu button and select Options (Windows) or Preferences (Mac, Linux). Select the Advanced panel and the General tab. Uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available. Close Firefox completely and then restart Firefox to see if the problem persists.

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