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Password manager doesn't save a complete web address.

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This is the site that I want the login for: https://www.sassieshop.com/2rcms/shoppers/LoginShopper.norm.php

This is all that the saved logins page saves: https://www.sassieshop.com

The problem is that there are several sites that use the sassie system and the automatic password fill doesn't work properly. Is there any way to get the extended site address added to the saved logins?

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Hi omarmung72,

Using this add-on, Save my Password which you can use to force Firefox to remember your saved logins on any website.

After installation, click the toolbar icon which will create dummy input fields where you type your credentials and click "Save my Password!" button.

This will force Firefox to show you the "Save login info" dialog.

Save my Password {link}

Hope this helps!

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That is not possible AFAIK. Firefox only stores the domain part and not further path information. You would have to use a username with extra information appended if you want to distinguish logins on the same website.

You can possibly check logins.json in the profile folder if you need more information about a specific login. If you open logins.json in a Firefox then the builtin JSON viewer will process the file.

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Hello omarmung72,

Just a thought :

You could log into that site, then bookmark it, or add it to your
Top Sites on the New Tab page ......