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My fonts are getting displayed oversaturated only on Firefox, anyone knows how to fix this?

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Hi, I'm just working on a new website, and I noticed something odd that happens only when I open the site via Firefox. On browsers like Safari and Chrome the rgb hex colour looks identical as in Adobe Photoshop or Apple Pages, where I created content, but Firefox seems to oversaturate the fonts quite nasty for some reason.

I attachted you a screenshot where it should be very visible. If this is a bug, is it possible to get this fixed soon? I don't really want to put a warning on my website for Firefox users if possible.

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Are you using a wide gamut monitor ? Firefox might not support the color profile. See the gfx.color_management prefs on the about:config page.

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No, just a regular MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017)

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No one experincing the same colour shifts on fonts with Firefox?

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Can you post a link to a publicly accessible page (i.e. no authentication or signing on required)?