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Create a desktop shortcut to a website

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Hello, we have firefox 68.0 and we can not create a desktop shortcut of a website as we could before. We resized firefox windows to see desktop, we click and scroll the icon on the left of the address bar to the desktop, but nothing happens! Please help.

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I think you can create a ticket on our bugzilla so that teams can take it into account



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I am suffering from this great injustice and while I have applied the -no-delevate it fails in I believe 2 situations. 1 - Saving pages from a session spawned by opening a link in an email 2 - Saving pages from a session spawned by opening a link already on the desktop.

article seems to indicate it should work but includes no date or applicable versions. Google showed a date on 9/3/19 in its search results for the string "firefox save shortcut to desktop". It is NOT working in 68.03 ESR, not sure about the mainline 71.

Hove about a setting in about:config to allow this?

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Is Launcher Process enabled? Enter about:support in the address bar and look under Application Basics for the Launcher Process entry.