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How can customize the Mozilla "top sites" and make it look like Opera?

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I'm trying to move away from Opera. Especially after the antivirus told me it was accessing my webcam on my laptop. I WANT to use Mozilla. However, I've become addicted to the easy bars of "top sites" on the Opera main page, always there, the only bug is every 2 months or so, they add Booking.com and I have to delete it.

I'm having three issues in getting Mozilla to work for me:

1. The icons won't display after I put in the links, so half of them read as a blankish looking "A".

2. Mozilla keeps adding garbage I don't want, daily, in spades.

3. My sites are disappearing. WTF is the point of spending 1-2 hours tailoring my home page only to have it disappear?

I'd like to stop using Opera, but I want the convenience of what I use being front-paged and easy to see at a glance after I switch browsers. Granted, I don't need the myopically large icons of Opera, but something identifiable without scrutiny would be ideal. Is there a way to do this, or are we not there yet with Mozilla?

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Welcome! That screenshot is interesting (I've never used Opera).

For #1, after you visit the site, Firefox should capture a thumbnail. If it doesn't, the link you entered might be redirecting. In that case, you could edit your tile to the URL of the final page after it comes to rest and see whether that helps with getting an image.

For #2, Firefox can't help itself filling the empty space. Sorry about that. You can pin more sites to block out further changes.

For #3, are they getting unpinned on their own? That shouldn't happen. Pinned top sites are stored in prefs.js, which is one of Firefox's important settings files. If there are problems with losing settings in prefs.js, this article might help: How to fix preferences that won't save.