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I can’t find the security code. Where do I find it?

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I changed my password and did not receive a security code.

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What security code is this about and what password did you reset?

Is this about the Firefox account?

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Sorry to post here but I no longer seem able to post a new question.

I keep being prompted to enter a security code but I have no idea how to generat such a code - please advise - see image here?

I am not very competent with technical IT issues.

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You appear to have enabled two factor authentication (2FA) on this account. You normally install an app like Google Authenticator on a mobile device and use this app to generate a 6 digit security code. You need to enter this code on the page that shows in the screenshot to get access to this Firefox Account.

If you do no longer have access to the GA app on the mobile device and do not have recovery codes then you will have to set up a new Firefox account with a different email address.