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My Firefox bookmarks suddenly gone

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This morning I opened my Firefox and used my bookmarks. Closed Firefox. Reopened Firefox and all my bookmarks are gone.

Luckily I make regular html backups and could restore them.

It is just that I would like to know what happened here.

I must say that: I use Firefox on an Android tablet where I never change the bookmarks, and on my laptop where I change them very often. Since a month I got the warning that Firefox was not syncing anymore. I was asked to reconnect to sync. This was on my laptop. Being afraid that reconnecting to sync would install the bookmarks from the Tablet on the laptop I disconnected from sync. But this was 2 days ago!!! Can this have caused the bookmarks suddenly disappearing?

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After re-installing from my back-up I suddenly got message that Firefox was syncing. Now some bookmark groups are double see added Images

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I found another way to correct my bookmarks. In show All bookmarks > import and export - just use Recover. It seems Firefox makes copies on a regular base. Nice. So I replaced the bookmarks again. Curious what syncing will do now.

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I think in the Places database, which stores your history and bookmarks, may associate each title + URL with a unique record number. When you import, new record numbers are created, so that could be why there was duplication when combining Sync with Import. However, it's just a guess, I'm not inclined to experiment on my own Firefox!

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I have this problem also. On my MAC desktop running High SIerra bookmarks are gone every time I open FIrefox. It has happened since I updated. I imported from Safari & then exported to my computer, but it's a pain to import from the computer daily. Can anyone give me a clue as to why the bookmarks keep disappearing. I never happened before the recent update . I have version 68.0.2. and have no devices to sync to.

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