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Plugin for Digital Rights Management (DRM) isn't working

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My plugin(the normal one which is already installed at the beginning) for DRM media isnt working since I deactivated it one or two times and then reactivated it. The Problem? You see it on the screenshot its still not active and I cant play DRM media.

Anyway I dont really need it if there is another plugin for playing DRM content and if there is one I might prefer it because I dont like google that much.

So please tell me how to fix it(maby without reinstalling firefox) or tell me which other plugin I could use instead of it.

(I already tried to: restart firefox; my PC, update the plugin. I will check if it updates if I run it as a admin but I dont think so)

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I dont know if the screenshot is already uploaded(I cant see it) so I upload it again. And the admin mode didnt helped :(

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Try to toggle DRM off/on to see if that makes Firefox (re)load DRM components.

You can check the Browser Console for error messages about GMP or Widevine.