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Firefox has deleted all my extension data/settings after update

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I just installed the latest Firefox update (67) and when the browser restarted I noticed no web pages were loading. It turned out this was because my uBlock Origin and uMatrix extensions had been completely cleared of ALL data, including their default/pre-defined rules.

All of my extensions data seems to have been cleared. The extensions are still installed, but their settings/data are completely gone.

This is EXTREMELY frustrating.

Does Firefox make backups or anything before it attempts an update? Is my extension data/settings recoverable somehow?

Come on, Mozilla, what are you doing to Firefox recently?!

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Did you check to see if they were compatible with the latest firefox version? I don't recall my updates doing that to my extensions if this was there my updates from FF57+ with the same 4 extensions would be cleared as well but they are still running and working. Besides the snafu with the addon verification in ff64 that was a bug but later updates works fine with the addons.