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Lost 2FA codes, can't login on new machine..

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Recently I lost my mobile device which had the Google Authenticator App setup with my Firefox account. The Backup recovery Codes were also on the same device.

As a result, I can no longer sign in to my account and get stuck on "Enter Security Code". Is there any way that I can have my account removed or reset 2FA without having to log-in? I do not want to setup another sync account with a new eamil id. I just want to use the same email account and not create another one just for Firefox/Mozilla.

I am okay with losing all my data synced on the account (already tried a successful password reset).

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I'm not aware of a way to currently access a Firefox account with 2FA enabled when you lost the 2FA recovery codes and the authenticator app. Some (a long) time ago it was possible to get access to the account Settings via a password reset, but that no longer works and you still need to enter the 2FA code if you click the link in the reset email. You could try to create a bug report with security hidden status and ask to reset the account and remove 2FA.

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