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how do I start firefox from the command line in OpenSuSE Leap 42.3

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What I read about OpenSuSE Leap 42 is it comes with a version of FireFox installed. I'm a novice Linux user and there is no management program or menu installed that I know of to access and start applications. I need to access a working web browser to log onto my security software site and install a security app as that would be more productive than learn how to download and install this security app from the command line. Thank you

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Depending on the desktop you have (Xfce, Gnome 3, KDE etc.) there should be a Firefox entry in the menu by itself or under say Internet. I prefer Xfce as it is more simple, uses less resource and less cumbersome compared to Gnome 3 and KDE.


You do not have to do it by CLi with the Firefox tarbal from Mozilla.

The basics is to untar it and the run the firefox .sh and use Firefox.

You can the make a launcher shortcut to the firefox. sh on a panel or desktop or menu.

The Firefox folder needs read/write permissions for the user and if you are the only user then a easy way is to have Firefox folder in your user HOME.

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openSUSE 42.3 is old however the extended support was extended from Jan 2019 to June 2019.

openSUSE 15.0 has been the current stable Release since May 25, 2018.