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Several things I dislike about firefox

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I have been a long time chrome user, but I wanted to switch things up, and tried firefox 66, but there are just some things I can't get over. These are a few things that annoy me when using firefox: - not a fan of the scrolling mechanics (I use smoothscroll) even tried changing values in about:config but was never satisfied. It seems slow and unresponsive. - when I launch my browser, I configured it to launch 3 tabs, but I only want to load the first (selected) tab, and wait until I select the others for them to load, I haven't found any option to do this. Also, I'd like an option to not automatically switch to new tabs when middle-clicking on a link or pressing "open in new tab" on a link. - I was never a fan of the search history window, and I really think it needs an update, it looks old and I never understood why the order is so weird (not chronological). The history tab in chrome is something I miss. The downloads window is alright but could also benefit from an update. - also, even though firefox 66 is pretty fast, it isn't as fast as I would want considering the HW I have (I5 6400 and a GTX 750 w/ 8gb of RAM), I find chrome a bit faster and more responsive, but I understand this is not something that can be fixed overnight.

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One thing here scroll is apart of the mouse driver control through the O/S the browser windows uses that based on that. And isn't really browser control. If you set to load three tabs they will all load there is no delay and that works the same in chrome as well. You can control what browser windows open in the privacy setting to open a new tab or browser window. I had no problem navigating the history of chrome or firefox and they are formatted differently one can't use the other's IP software programing as they do it differently. My history are in chronological order as you use the browser so there is nothing weird about that. Download windows works just fine it look similar to chrome so not sure what you are saying exactly.