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Firefox hangs in Private mode and can only be closed by clicking x on the taskbar icon

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For the past few months, I've had a problem with Firefox frequently freezing in Private mode. It happens on a variety of sites, but especially those with videos that might be using Flash - I have allowed Adobe Flash on the sites it most often affects but it still happens. The window does not respond to any controls and the only way to close it is to click the x on the taskbar icon. The problem has got much worse since the latest update: today I can hardly do anything in Private mode,

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Is this with many websites, some, a few? What were you doing at the time? browsing, watching something . . .

Try not Private Browsing. Any issues?

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A few websites, no trouble if not private.

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Please provide a public link (no password) that we can check out. No Personal Information Please !

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To one of the sites where it freezes? I think it only happens on password-protected sites - those are the kind most people view in Private mode, I think. I will experiment with other sites and post a link if I find one that causes a freeze.