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Downloaded files are deleted upon exiting Firefox Quantum

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For several weeks, files downloaded during my browser session were automatically deleted when I exited Firefox. The problem may have been limited to html pages downloaded using "Save Page As...", but could have been regular downloaded files as well, but I didn't notice.

I believe that I was running 64.x (sorry I don't remember the dot release number).

I think I narrowed it down to the configuration option, "[ x ] Browsing & Download History" under Privacy & Security, Settings for Clearing History. I have always had this box checked, and downloads never disappeared before, just as the option description implies.

Then, a Firefox pop-up jumped in my face and told me to upgrade to 65.0, which I did.

Now my downloads don't seem to be deleted any more.

HOWEVER, I looked at the list of fixes for version 65.0, and saw NO MENTION of this problem, so I am asking you to confirm whether or not this was a known problem that was fixed in version 65.0, or if you think I am experiencing an intermittent problem that may return to haunt me when conditions are right.

Thanks in advance.


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FYI -- I was not running in a private browsing window, and not quitting Firefox while the download was still in progress.

I am hoping that one of the developers will be able to confirm whether or not this was a bug fixed in version 65.0.

Since writing my post above, I learned that Firefox on Android has (or had) a "feature" that deleted downloaded files along with the browsing history, so i am wondering if there was a stray "#ifndef ANDROID" that was perhaps misspelled when the previous version for Windows was built.

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I doubt it's firefox it sounds more like a security software is clearing out the download. I never had this problem with previous firefox version. I am on firefox 65 Windows 10.

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I have Norton Security, and I looked at the logs. There were no detections during that period; nothing quarantined. As I pointed out, the downloads were deleted immediately on quitting Firefox version 64.x. I watched the explorer window where the files were, and the second I hit the close button, poof, they disappeared. Usually, the antivirus software will take a few seconds of minutes to detect the files; or if a virus was detected, they would be deleted the moment they were saved, DURING the session, not the second it ended.

@westend, are you sure you had the option set to clear Browsing and Download History when you were running version 64?

Would any Mozilla developer who worked on the download manager between versions 64 and 65 care to comment please?

Thanks, -J

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That sounds like a Security software deletion and if your browser settings didn't have any of the options to remove or delete cache, cookies, history that would come down to the security software doing this. I had previous version of firefox where none of those boxes where checked and none of my cache, cookies, history was cleared and how I know is I once did check them and my history was cleared when I closed firefox but with them uncheck nothing was deleted.

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