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Can't close single pop-up window virus?

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I ran into an issue with a pop-up window that didn't want to close, and a simple google search provided the answer of abandon all open tabs and start from scratch... That's not particularly an idea I fancy!

I actually discovered a very simple solution, but I can't post it anywhere because all of the posts are archived!

The malicious pop-up was opening another window, to supposedly enter access credentials. This was keeping me from being able to close the window, and when I closed this alternate window, it would pop right back before I could do anything else. A light bulb forms!

I disabled my computers wireless connection, via the network and internet settings, and the pop-up was no longer able to restore the access credentials window. Close the malicious pop-up, and restore internet connection!

I would like to share this work-around with others that may have a similar issue, but can't find any open posts about it. Can a Mod help me out with this task?

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That was very good work. Well done.