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Specific storage location for cached webcontent only

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Is it possible to define a specific folder/directory specifically for the temporary stored webcontent only? (not for the cookies/website data!)

I know by creating the config entry browser.cache.disk.parent_directory i can change the general cache location, but this doesn't satisfy my needs.


I'm intrigued this seems to not have been discussed yet, because the reason for requiring this is quite simple and probably often used.

I work in a company where the windows 10 user profiles in our active directory are transferred back and forth with each login/logout.

For this purpose it is useful to have the firefox cache for cookies stored within the windows user profile.

But the simple speed enhancing webcontent storage is actually ruining the experience of users having to wait uselessly for these kind of cached data.

For this part of the cache it would be totally sufficient to store it somewhere else outside the backuped user profiles.

I would be happy if there's a solution to this. And maybe many others too ;)

Thanks, br