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I would like to have the old ctrl+tab behavior but at the same time use the new recentlyUsedOrder on a custom keybind

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I was looking how to restore the old ctrl+tab behavior and found https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1241201#answer-1174594 . This answered my first half of the question.

However, I do find the new ctrl+tab behavior useful, however not as a replacement of the old behavior, but as an additional feature.

Is there any way I can have ctrl+tab/ctrl+shift+tab behave in the old way, while binding a custom keybinding to the new recently used order tab behavior? (say, e.g. binding it to win+tab)

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I realized I can get the old behavior of ctrl+tab/ctrl+shift+tab using ctrl+pgup/pgdn

That should be able to cover my use case, even though I'll have to relearn my keybindings somewhat.

Edit: Trying this out for a while made me realize the flaw with using ctrl+pgup/pgdn for this. It cannot be pressed one-handed. Thus I'm still looking for help on how to customize these keybindings to something more ergonomic.

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You can try this extension https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/shortkeys/

there are a few others too, i found it to work, although, you will want to use keybindings which aren't there by default. Also there are some limitations to where they shortkeys are catched from (ex. it doesn't work while your in the Url-bar) The dev. of that tool wrote that its due to limitations of the api, i experienced same issues with similar extensions.

while without a good explanation how this exactly works, this might help you further: https://superuser.com/questions/1271147/change-key-bindings-keyboard-shortcuts-in-firefox-quantum

also having a default keyboard which has a Ctrl-Key at the bottom right of the letter area.

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