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channel 4 blank (black) screen

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Firefox Version 63.0 (64-bit) Home build PC, 480GB SSD, 2 x 2TB HD's, 8GB Ram.

I have had problems with streaming Channel 4 TV UK for many years. I could only get it to work on Windows. Recently I have Dumped Window 10 - so slow - updates take all day. I now am using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (using Linux since 2009)

Channel 4 say they Do Not support Linux ?

I have tried to install Adobe Flash Player, but does not seam to work or download. On Ch 4 web page I pressed Allow, but say that I should install Flash Player !

Please could anyone advice me what I can do, or what I have done wrong.

Regards, Richard.

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Read all of my last post.

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Well I have got a bit farther - See 1st image. I now do not get Firefox blocking refresh and saying Allow. I have latest Flash player - See 2nd image. and can see the clouds moving in Abode test player. But I am still getting the same on Channel 4 See image 3. Tried 2 or 3 programs on Ch 4 and all were the same. What have I missed or done wrong? Any more helpful advice please. Please Note I am Dyslexic - Hope it's spell right ?

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If this website uses a Flash player to play DRM protected content then you are probably out of luck on Linux, because Adobe doesn't support this feature for Linux in current Shockwave Flash plugins.

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Is it not time that the Linux community "persuade" the companies concerned Channel 4, Abode & others to fix this issue. Perhaps the community could boycott them until the issue is fixed.

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If the website would switch to the HTML5 media player and Widevine then it should work on all platforms. Adobe will stop supporting Flash in a few years, so they will have to do this eventually.

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