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Firefox will no longer open Apple iCloud calendar and bank bill pay

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Windows 10 Pro v1809 Build 17763.55 / Firfox v63.0.1

As of a couple weeks ago I am unable to open the Calendar feature on Apple iCloud, or bill pay mode in my credit union account when using Firefox. Interestingly, at the same time the credit union main page warned to clear history and cache on all versions of Firefox which I did. In either case, when I choose these failing features the progress indicator either goes on forever or times out

Neither of these issues exist using Google Chrome or MS Edge? Solution?- Thanks for your help, IM

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No Response? - OK then, I'll stick with Chrome, though I'm not happy about it since I have loved and used Firefox for years! Bye - IM

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You asked the question in the Firefox for Android forum which has a lot fewer folks answering questions. I don't have an Icloud account so I am unable to check if I can reproduce the behavior.

Moving the question to the correct forum.