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Add bookmark to homepage

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I would like to be able to add a bookmark to the Firefox Home page.

The highlights section is useful however it would be great if there was a section I could edit and add custom bookmarks.

Cheers! Paul

Giải pháp được chọn

You can't really add a bookmark to the Highlights section. You can do it only in Top sites.

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more options

Giải pháp được chọn

You can't really add a bookmark to the Highlights section. You can do it only in Top sites.

more options

Thanks, I missed that.

more options

I had to reinstall Firefox because it somehow lost the ability to download videos from the internet. I added and removed four different extensions and none of them would download a video. Now I'm trying to get it Firefox to work the way I want.

When I look at the Options Settings for the Home Page it gives the options of having Bookmarks appear in Highlights section which is the only option I checked. But the bookmarks do not show up. I only want my Bookmarks to appear, NOT every page that I visit. I visit tons of pages when I'm looking for something. Most of them I will never visit again so I certainly want don't to see them on my Home Page, but that is what I'm seeing. The Top Sites section on the Home Page shows all my last accessed pages. I do NOT want that. I turned Top Sites off in the Settings menu but nothing shows in the Highlights section.

I want ONLY my bookmarked sites to show on the Home Page. I don't care if it's in my Highlights or Top Sites, just so long as they show up. But just the bookmarks, not every site I visit.

And while I'm asking, how to do get the name of the bookmarked site in big letters inside the little boxes, so I can find them at a glance. A single letter in the box, doesn't do it.

I attached a screenshot of my home page so you can see what I see. Only the first four boxes are bookmarked but I have other bookmarks that are not showing. How do I see them all?

<sigh> I just discovered that this reinstall of Firefox no longer does video downloads either. I guess that's an issue for a different question. Holy cow, this has been a lot of wasted time.

But I would still like to know the answers to my questions above. Thanks.