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The little icons on Tabs have an image opened on them don't show up anymore.

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When having a png, pdf, jpeg, gif etc. open, it Firefox would usually show a little icon for it on the tab bar, showing you what image is opened on it without having to be on the tab (this only worked when the image wasn't too big or the there weren't too many tabs open at once). However, these icons don't show up anymore at all since the last update. I tried refreshing the tabs several times, even closing them and opening them again, yet to no avail. This makes it difficult to know which one of the images you have opened is the one you need, as all tabs only show the title of the image, not what image is on it. I'd just like to know if this is a bug, if that feature was simply removed, or if there's some setting that I can enable to make them show up again.

Thanks in advance! :D

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I notice that when Firefox finds a site icon associated with the image URL, the site icon appears on the tab after a few moments. It seems like an intentional change to make stand-alone image tabs behave more similarly to web page tabs. However, I haven't researched it.

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Looks like the consequence of this bug.

Another bug about favicons:

  • Bug 1428859 - Request to hide favicons on bookmarks bar to save space

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