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My bookmarks duplicate when I try to rearrange them

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I've never had an issue rearranging bookmarks before, but starting last night when I try to move a previously created bookmark from "Other Bookmarks" into a Folder it fails to relocate. Instead, it creates an entirely new bookmark in the new folder and leaves the original bookmark in the original location. This happens when I drag the bookmark, cut/paste the bookmark and even in Firefox's SafeMode. I've tried refreshing Firefox, but that didn't help either. As someone who thrives on organization this is very troubling and makes using bookmarks in Firefox impossible. Any help would be much appreciated.

Image of what duplication looks like in case the uploaded image does not show: https://imgur.com/a/l4HJfgN

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Are you using Sync to sync the bookmarks?

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Yes, I have Sync running. Although I am only actively using this computer. The sync connects the account to one older PC that I use once every couple of months. That was the PC I started using Firefox (and creating bookmarks on). It is not connected to any mobile devices.

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One other thing that began to occur at the same time and may help solve this - For certain older bookmarks, when I click to open them through their link in the Show All Bookmarks menu, the webpage that opens shows no signs that it was ever a Bookmark. The webpage opens correctly at least. But, given that this webpage is being opened from the Bookmark menu I find this really odd.