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I use firebox browser almost exclusively, so it has to be a hack on this browser ... can a person who hacks into a browser find out your browsing history, websi

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This may seem like a dumb question, but here goes: If a person has hacked firefox browser, will that let them see one's browsing history? Websites, email questions? i have changed my firefox password, and I'm pretty good at changing other often-used passwords, and good at creating difficult nonsensical passwords. But I have had my email hacked etc. like many people in the world.

I received a spoof email, the first I ever saw from my email to me, on Oct 25. That is not unusual that people do that, but the email had information that only someone who would have seen recent browsing. I just want to be safe as possible. What settings can I use in options that will cut down on tihs? Because today, I saw two more spoof emails (using my email) It was not from my email -- it was missing information -- but still annoying). thanks, ginahere

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Many viruses/malware can send information thru the web.

Further information can be found in this article; https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/troubleshoot-firefox-issues-caused-malware?cache=no

Run most or all of the listed malware scanners. Each works differently. If one program misses something, another may pick it up.


I saw two more spoof emails (using my email)

I once got an e-mail from the White House. (Yea, right) Spoofers these days can code e-mails to make then look like they came from anywhere.

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I just want to know if someone does hack into your browser, if they do get your password, can they see your browsing history? That is my question. I am not having a problem with firefox, I am just trying to know if the person who spoofed my email got into my browser. It was not generic info sent.

Được chỉnh sửa bởi GINAHERE vào

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That question is best asked at a malware information website.

The people who answer questions here, for the most part, are other Firefox users volunteering their time (like me), not Mozilla employees or Firefox developers.

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It's a question about the firefox browser. How do I ask Mozilla employees, which is what i had wanted to do, but can not find how to do so anywhere.

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For email spoof you should mark it and send it to the email provider so they will block those sites. Email hacked is not the same as browser hacked. That is from the email provider site not specifically from the Browser itself. And for malware problems you should go to a malware support forum and ask them. That will give you more complete answer. Also this is a end user help forum not a official support site like Microsoft support or the likes.

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WestEnd said

Also this is a end user help forum not a official support site like Microsoft support or the likes.

This is a official place for support of desktop Firefox and other things on https://support.mozilla.org/ however if you meant this is not a official one on one support then yes.

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I checked to see if it was an email that was hacked, or spoofed from another site.

I can't tell, because it says under the part: "authenticated aol.yahoo.com which I am not sure if it originated yahoo or if I recall wasn't aol purchased by verizon which also recently bought yahoo -- it is hard to keep up with.
BUT what I asked is this: If one hacks into the browser -- any browser but specifically, firefox -- can one track the browsing history? 

that is something that firefox/mozilla should be able to answer. It is not a complicated question.

I am asking that for a specific reason, because the email, one of them, was sent on the day my desktop email application stopped working (might be a coincidence) and the email mentioned something about sites I had visited. A gardening site, but only I knew. 

These emails are from someone barely literate. Words are misspelled, the person is either an idiot, or illiterate and is trying to write, or is from another country.

 But my question really should be answered by someone from Mozilla. It's not a complicated question. If there is another site where I can get specific information about this, to answer my question (an no other) I would be grateful.
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I also am well aware that hacking a browser and hacking an email are different. I did not say they were the same. My question, pretty straightforward, was if the browser is hacked can that person then see one's browsing history.

This is why I get frustrated here. 
 I think it must be, because people are so afraid to answer. It must be very easy to hack a browser, especially this one. 
For example, I only changed the password to this browser on September 11. AND I DO always keep my passwords very safe, they make no sense, and i date them each time I change them. Nobody lives here. Nobody has access to passwords. Still, the password did not work. 
I do not often log into the browser. In fact, I don't but often check to make sure it is not keep my log-in passwords.
I brought my notebook back from one of the big box repair shops and they must have re-downloaded the  browsers, and both were set on "default" -- unbeknownst to me -- and they were keep tabs of my log ins AND AND AND my credit card numbers. 
Within days of getting my notebook home, someone stole both my debit card number and a credit card number and tried to use them -- and it had to be someone who also  able to get into my checking. 
My credit union and cc co knew the charges they tried were unusual so they called me, and they were stopped. But the fact this happened, and happened so fast. It is the only way, through the browser, as I am HUGELY careful and stopped using chrome due to my concerns it is unsafe. 
So, can't anyone answer the question? Can anyone provide a website to ask this of a mozilla employee? 

Được chỉnh sửa bởi GINAHERE vào

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James said

WestEnd said
Also this is a end user help forum not a official support site like Microsoft support or the likes.

This is a official place for support of desktop Firefox and other things on https://support.mozilla.org/ however if you meant this is not a official one on one support then yes.

Unfortunately, that is NOT going to get anyone to any help from Mozilla employees.
I got to that front screen right away before posting mty question. You look at is, and TRY to post/email/contact anyone from Mozilla even to just report what you suspect happened to you. You will go around in circles.
So now, after all these answers that don't even address the question, this site is getting difficult to use.
No, that link isn't what you say it is.
I think that is the HUGE problem with this company: they want you to use their browser, and you donate, but they don't offer support, especially in a situation like this. 

that speaks louder than the deafening silence from Mozailla.