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Does Firefox Quantum 63.0 support or can browser incorporate a usable Zotero extension for PubMed search results?

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Information that may help:

MacBook (2015), OS X Mojave 10.14, Firefox Quantum 63.0, LibreOffice

The situation:

Switching to FireFox Quantum v. 63.0 from Safari v. 12 because FireFox application is said to be (from multiple forum discussions) better able to integrate and successfully employ a Zotero citation management utility extension.

However, after FireFox download completed, but application not yet installed, user looked for Zotero Firefox extension (plug-in), finding relevant information at only one Mozilla site:


The Mozilla info screen for "Zotero Autoexporting" displayed "Not compatible with FireFox Quantum".

I have either asked the wrong question about or looked in the wrong place for a functional extension of the Zotero utility and its use with Firefox Quantum and LibreOffice, or FireFox Quantum does not support a usable LibreOffice Zotero extension or connector (I do not know the difference between these two).

Having downloaded FireFox Quantum following many, many attempts to configure these named applications / to download the correct application versions / to correctly configure the applications / to troubleshoot incorporating PubMed bibliographic citations using Zotero into LibreOffice documents, to finally read that the Zotero extension is "Not compatible with FireFox Quantum" is massively frustrating.

Here is what I want to do:

Use the browser Firefox Quantum. Install into FireFox Quantum an auto-downloading Zotero extension. Perform PubMed searches. Use Pubmed resources to save searches in a format Zotero can import. Use Zotero to import and manipulate PubMed-Zotero compatible search results. Incorporate search results from Zotero into LibreOffice Writer documents.

Is this too much to ask?

Thank you for advice and instructions.

Jim Martin

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Hi Jim, Zotero's extension is available on their site here:


Extension developers can use the Mozilla Add-ons site if they like, but they sometimes prefer to handle distribution themselves.

Does that one work on Mac?