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Firefox asking - Add as application for mailto links?

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Firefox 62.0.3 (64-bit)

Horizontal Firefox message on top of screen:

"Add [Website name] [(website url)] as an application for mailto links?" with an "Add Application" button on the right side.

What are mailto links? What is involved?

I tried researching this ("mailto") but still wasn't sure I understood it.

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I assume you saw that on a site you use to read/compose emails. I would definitely only trust it on your own email site.

"mailto" is a protocol used for email links, like:

Firefox doesn't know how to send links like that to your email site unless it's Gmail or Yahoo mail. All others need to be set up, and it's super-helpful if the email website offers you a way to do that instead of having to guess/experiment.

More info on Firefox's handling of mailto in this article: Change the program used to open email links.