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Can more than one person use Mozilla to access Face Book?

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I just installed Mozilla/Firefox on my computer and I use it for access to everything. My wife has been using IE (me before also) but am having a problem accessing a game on Face Book. My question: Can she also use Mozilla for her Face Book or will my Face Book open when she clicks on the icon?

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Hi, yes 2 can use it if you log out of Facebook and she logs out of Facebook as well. Should not matter what so ever how many people log in as long as you or they log out.

You can also create a Profile for there to use for her if that is the decision :

Just fyi : your adapterDescription: AMD Radeon HD 7570 driverDate: 6-7-2012 Are now out of Support. As you have never updated your drivers monthly since 2012 the last drivers are available still. Recommend you download and save a copy of each. and install the Crimson (I have a 7970) Edition.

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