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why do mozilla accept bribes from google?

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It started with the mozilla team sneaking in google safebrowsing a malware google service that is slowing down our browsers then they added telemetry and a feature called geo wifi now they are removing the ability that makes firefox unique aka the extensions support with project quantum . They are losing userbase and are still releasing this incomplete software . Is Greed that good? accepting google money and turn firefox into a pile of garbage? remember the old days http://toastytech.com/evil/ieisevilstory.html microsoft did it by locking windows to IE now google is doing it with firefox steadily bloating it down by giving the mozilla team their insane addons that go to about:config and leave a memory footprint in the already chynky codebase . Why is greed that important were the mozilla devs bankrubt or what?

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Hi, what is the issue your having with Firefox. Volunteer Support can not find it the issue you need help with in your post.

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Firefox quantum classic theme restorer microfox and all the other good stuff dont work anymore that is a big issue why dont mozilla start listening to its users?

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What you are asking for is possible. But 1st the reason why :

So Firefox is a Multi-Processor and Multi-Thread Browser that takes advantage of all cores of your system with it's new code which is not now Netscape's mixed in code. So please spend time to read these as all it takes is 10mins to read on how to make a folder, make a file and put in the folder and where to put the folder and copy/paste to the file and you have mastered userChrome.css and can now figure out over 230million ways to customize Firefox. Below is overview :

Overview, Samples and code :

Where to find code : Here if ask, and other places

Will stop there as enough now to know that everything Classic Theme Restorer did userchrome.css as can do more. Will find this interesting that the Author of Classic Theme Restorer has de-listed his add-on from https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/ Oh, ya and Firefox protects against :

So when decide to venture forth. Give a shout and happy to help.