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firefox won't open, reinstall etc - always same message, as attached

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After AVAST found an error in firefox and tried to fix it, firefox will not open unless it's showing as the attached image I have uninstalled both programmes, reinstalled firefox, restarted my computer several times as well as tried a system restore point but to no avail. Any help is very appreciated, I need it running soon to get my assessment pieces done.

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Image once again as it didn't seem to upload the first time.

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Please use Avast to un-quarantine what ever it has done as it has broken Firefox. The issue is Avast. At the moment not sure of a fix as it just started tonight.

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Firefox 62.0.2 has a fix for the issue caused by AVG/Avast with how they wrongly deal with safe legit Language Packs that people installed in Firefox.

There is no 62.0.1 for desktop Firefox as current Android Firefox is 62.0.1

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Thank you both for your answers. I don't think I could un-quarrantine as I got rid of Avast in attempts to fix it. But the link was really helpful! Found the file(s) that weren't happy, deleted them and then reinstalled and it's all up and running now.

Thank you!