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firefox and chrome both crashing

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Both my browsers are crashing. People tell me it might be my video card. I have deleted and re installed the drivers for my video card but I still have problem. Dell 610i desktop Windows Vista Nvidia GEForce 9800 GT video card.

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If you have submitted crash reports then please post the IDs of one or more recent crash reports that start with "bp-".

  • bp-xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

You can find the report ID of recent crash reports "on the "Help -> Troubleshooting Information" (about:support) page".

  • click the "All Crash Reports" button on this page to open the about:crashes page and see all crash reports.

Alternatively you can open about:crashes via the location/address bar.

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Crash Reason : s::jit::MBasicBlock::NewSplitEdge

Hi, is beyond me, only 2 references to your crash reason, 4yrs ago and is in java script compilers is all I can get out of it.

Hi, please try a Refresh but Note that this does more than uninstalling and re-installing does. Normal uninstalling does not remove some preferences which may have become corrupt. Please Refresh but do this 1st:


Do not pass bad files back to your profile, use only your bookmarks if can.

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Video Card Driver Errors : adapterDescription: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT driverDate: 11-14-2016

u'Direct3D11 Compositing', u'log': [{u'status': u'available', u'type': u'default'}], u'name': u'D3D11_COMPOSITING'}, {u'status': u'disabled', u'description': u'Direct3D9 Compositing', u'log': [{u'status': u'disabled', u'message': u'Disabled by default', u'type': u'default'}], u'name': u'D3D9_COMPOSITING'}, {u'status': u'unavailable', u'description': u'Direct2D', u'log': [{u'status': u'available', u'type': u'default'}, {u'status': u'unavailable',

supportsHardwareH264: No; MFT_MESSAGE_SET_D3D_MANAGER failed with code C00D6D60 webgl2Renderer: WebGL creation failed: * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Exhausted GL driver caps.

Uninstall and Reinstall them from a fresh download.

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