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Firefox crashes

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I have been crashing for a week now, ever since Firefox updated to the latest program. I have tried all the suggestions...Safe Mode and unchecking Hardware Acceleration. It still crashes. It even crashes when I am on my home page trying to read the news. No matter what I'm doing, it crashes. And, of course, I have to start all over again once it does. I must have 40 crash reports since the update. I'm so frustrated that nothing works. Does anyone have any suggestions besides chucking Mozilla and changing my browser to something like Chrome of I Explorer? I've been with Mozilla for 20 years and rather stay with them. Thank you in advance.

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cor-el... I'm so glad that it shows correctly now. I guess it wasn't ?? Thank you for the information.

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Hi, as mentioned it shows as Vista here. So the the-edmeister was asked to come help and get the Vista changed to Win7.

This was done as there is no Service Pack 3 for Win7

So going out onto the net and saying to sites, Hi I am Vista when your actually Win 7 causes issues.

I would guess you just stuck in a upgrade from Vista to WIn7 which was the issue.

So please try this : In the find box type cmd.exe and when it comes up in the list please Right Click it and Run As Administrator.

So now you have a Dos Box with privileges to run this command :

Please Type or Copy/Paste into the command prompt sfc /scannow then Enter. ( sfc<space>/scannow ) Reboot if it find s something

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I clicked on the Start Button, typed in the cmd.exe. I ended up with the Admin black box, typed in the sfc<space>/scannow and it says it cannot find the file specified. I don't know if I did it correctly but that's what I got.

Được chỉnh sửa bởi wilsonsteeup@frontiernet.net vào

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Pkshadow...My computer still crashes and it's soooo annoying!! I was hoping and waiting to see if there was a fix that would come out. So far though, nothing that I've read. I did what you told me to on 9/18 and then responded, but never heard back. Do you know if anything has come out that would help? I was just now trying to do something on Google and it crashed 4 times within 15 minutes. Google does seem to be one of the problems. It always crashes when I do anything on Google. However, there are other triggers like trying to read a news story. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated...I'm going nuts. Thank you in advance.

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