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firefox is starting up on launch win 10

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Hi. I couldn't help but notice that every time I launch my PC firefox brings back the tabs i used the day before. Its annoying because before i even log in i can hear Youtube videos from night before playing through the log in screen. I have no idea on what's actually going on so any tips or ideas would help greatly.

Ps. I've alredy checked Manager for startup programs and firefox isn't there

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hi, please check Firefox starts automatically when I restart Windows for a workaround.

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You can change whether you want Firefox to start where you left off (with all the tabs that were used open).

In my Firefox version:

Click on the menu bars (3 bars in upper right corner)

Then in the little pop up menu click on "options", the little cog symbol.

Then the "General" options page comes up ("about:preferences" in address bar" ). At the top there are several options, among them "when Firefox starts" . If you click on the little choice bar/window you can choose whether you want a "blank page", "show home page", or "show your windows and tabs from last time".

I am running an old Firefox version, since the current one stopped working after a Win 10 update. But it is probably fairly similar in all versions. (Maybe.)

That would not stop Firefox from starting on its own, but it would stop opening/starting where you left of.

I am not sure about Firefox starting on it's own, other than to see if you can disable it starting up in the "task manager" start up tab. (which you have already done)

But I have a program called "CCleaner Free". It lets you do things like like: enable and disable startups, clean up history, find duplicates, uninstall programs (even hard to remove ones), cookies...up to wiping the HDD. So I am careful how I use it, It has more options/ability than I feel I now how to use (since I am definitely not a computer expert), but it is really useful. It may be worth a try downloading it to see if Firefox shows up in it's startup list. Or its "scheduled" list.

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Why the fuck this is even enabled?