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Firefox updated a week ago now websites automatically come up and take over my full window and I loose my game. Can't go "Back". Never happened before

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I have clicked Post Question twice now - but I don't know if it has gone or if it requires more info somewhere.

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Please explain further as no idea as of yet what is going on.

Websites auto come up ? What websites ? are they sites you know ? Do you have any examples of them ? Have you installed anything new recently ?

Please run https://www.malwarebytes.com/

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I use McAffee virus checker - I'm in New Zealand. My service provider (Spark) keeps McAffee updated.

The websites are advertising ones, I haven't kept their web address, will have to wait for them to pop up again. I don't know the sites, never used them.

I haven't installed anything new

Just thinking now - they don't come up when I am in my gmail or facebook. It's when I am playing Wild Tangent - Bouncing Balls (https://www.wildtangent.co.nz/Play/bouncing-balls-html5) - maybe this is what is doing it - has never happened before.

cheers NannyB

Được chỉnh sửa bởi NannyB vào

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That would be the place.

Do run Malwarebytes though please as it is a anti-malware program and not a anti-virus. It is highly specialized to look for things that McAfee misses.

You may want to think of a adblocker such as Ghostery

and maybe this one :

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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I have downloaded the malwarebytes and run it - nothing found.

Just need to go now - will figure out the Adblock and try that

thanks NannyB