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I want to access Avery.com/templates but Firefox won't allow me to go there.

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I have Avery labels and need to download the correct template from the Avery website to print them. Firefox indicates for some reason that the site is "locked" or something to that effect. I've downloaded the templates in the past, but now cannot get to the site.

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Could you visit again and get the specific message text? If it's not in the content area (you can't copy/paste it), could you provide a screenshot? This article has tips on capturing screenshots: How do I create a screenshot of my problem? Please cut out or blur any sensitive information in the image before attaching it to your reply.

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It says "Connection not secure. Parts of this page are not secure (such as images). Although Firefox has blocked some content there is still content on the page that is not secure."

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Hi ronbraves, that seems to mix two different problems:

(1) HTTP images in an HTTPS page

Firefox will load insecure "display" content and add a yellow ! triangle to the lock icon. If you aren't sharing sensitive data on the page, this is not a major thread.

(2) HTTP scripts or style sheets in an HTTPS page

Firefox automatically blocks insecure "active" content. You can use a button on the site information panel (when you click the lock) to allow insecure content, but it should not be necessary on a well-designed site.

More info on mixed content problems here: Mixed content blocking in Firefox.

I checked a template or two and didn't notice any issues, but I am blocking certain ad scripts, so maybe that has something to do with it.

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You can check the Web Console to see if there is detail available about what mixed content is present.