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Why can't I find sites that used to be on the drop-down menu presented when I rolled over the address bar?

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After downloading and installing Firefox 62.0, I found that when I mouse over the address bar, the link to NPR's Morning Edition had disappeared -- it used to appear automatically, along with my school and public email addresses and the news sites I most often go to. At the same time, two new -- and unwanted -- links appeared: The Needle Drop and Overstock Outlet Locations. How can I eliminate these latter two sites and restore NPR's Morning Edition to me address bar drop down menu?

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For those 2 to turn up is strange. as to where NPR is it should turn up after a few visits as and some address bar training like type NP and it should start turning up in the drop down then N then just click and it should be there.

Please do this : https://www.malwarebytes.com/mac/

Let us know after a few sessions of doing that and closing Firefox and such.

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To rid those sites you do not want :

You could try flushing the site that appears as an "autofill" match in the address bar. Those seems to be in some less logical order such as alphabetical.

In order to remove it, you'll want to get at least one entry in current history. Then open the Library window using:

  • (menu bar) History > Show All History

In the search box at the upper right of the Library window, type or paste enough of the site address to filter out all the important stuff in the list. (This reduces the risk of errors.) Then right-click (on Mac, Ctrl+click) the unwanted entry and choose Forget About This Site. This dangerous command should remove not only history for that site but bookmarks, cookies, and saved preferences.

This set of cleanups happens in the background, so it might take a minute for everything to disappear. After that, the site shouldn't be autofilled in the address bar or suggested in the drop-down.