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Learned that Kaspersky internet security doesn't support firefox. can you tell me the reason, please. Kaspersky didn't have a satisfying answer.

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After a last update of Firefox, Kasperksy told me, that firefox websites are not protected by this security software and they force me to use google chrome for to be protected. But I want to use firefox because of its tracking protection and privacy sites. Is there any reason to bar Mozilla from protecting. In former times there was an add-on, which doesn't exist any longer.

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As far as we are aware, Kaspersky anti-malware products work fine with Firefox Quantum.

There may be some additional softare that Kaspersky bundles with their core product that may not be compatible, but a) I do not believe this is still an issue b) you probably do not need these elements to keep yourself secure online and c) the change that may stop these from working was made last year and Kaspersky has had plenty of time (and plenty of notice) to work with this change.

I hope that this helps

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Hi babepa

Seburo is correct, Kaspersky bundles lots of software of variable :-) quality!

From the few folks I've asked about this Windows Defender i.e. the built-in anti-virus solution in Windows 10 works the best (also corresponds with my experience running Windows 10 on three computers with Windows Defender and no issues in 5 years). I would suggest using it if you can instead of a 3rd party solution.