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Password not update

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Hey I have the same problem but I'm using kali linux (download not more then 1 month& update/upgrade every day)and windows 8. Both firefox with same account.Whenever I input my new password. It's gives me update popup. But it's not update. I don't know about other account but I found in bugcrowd( I use a lot :D ).

kali firefox ESR version:- 52.9.0 (64-bit) windows 8 firefox version:- 61.0.2 (32-bit)

Another one problem is when I download something from internet it's open with visual studio code. But it should open with file manager. I checked everything works fine. If I download txt file from internet and it's open with code I will accept but unfortuanate it's working as a filemanager but it's not.

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Hi, again. Not a lot to go on. For others that may follow and I have done a bunch of questions since so if you could please document the issue again or give the URL to the Previous Question. Need to do something about that..... Question if it is still open and is answered. I can not.

I gather a older system, low on ram and rural.

Linux & Windows .... See what works

Can you up date ? New release now of Firefox 62.0 New release of Firefox 60.1.0esr which you do not show using but could be using : https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/all/

Ok, need a ton more information as have no idea what your problem is nor what you have tried to fix it, what extensions are you using, what security programs ?

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In Firefox Safe mode these changes are effective:

  • all extensions are disabled (about:addons)
  • default theme is used (no persona)
  • userChrome.css and userContent.css are ignored (chrome folder)
  • default toolbar layout is used (file: localstore-safe.rdf)
  • Javascript JIT compilers are disabled (prefs: javascript.options.*jit)
  • hardware acceleration is disabled (Options > Performance > Uncheck to view)
  • plugins are not affected
  • preferences are not affected

TEST''''is issue still there ?

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Are you using the Firefox version from the repositories of your Linux distribution or the Firefox version from the official Mozilla server?

Can you update the password manually in the Password Manager by double-clicking the password field?