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deactivate SHIFT + 7 function

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There is a keyboard combination for searching on website: STRG + F This is also done with SHIFT+7

How can I disable totally SHIFT + 7 in Firefox ?

There is a reason for it. We use a barcode scanner to transfer data through firefox. This Code contains "/". Because of this char, firefox automaticaly starts the search bar.

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Very Hard to do as those options were discontinued for ver 57 due to bad us usage, crashing.... Has not yet come back fully and is still partial permissions. I think this may be relevant : https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1232223 Changes soon I think....

Can go to 3 Bar Menu --> Help --> Submit Feedback to try and hurry the process. Your constructive information will be reviewed by a team for inclusion in future releases..

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When you try to emulate keys that are part of the number pad on the keyboard then Num Lock determines what will happen. The 7 key on the number pad has Home as the second action, so with num lock off Shift + 7 becomes Home and vice versa (Shift +7 with num lock on will select text in a text area). This can cause all kind on weird action that can also happen with Alt key combinations. This shouldn't happen if the 7 key on the top row get activated, only with keys from the number pad things will go wrong.

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This combination (SHIFT + 7) on a site, is a hidden combination in Firefox, which also do the same as STRG + F. This has nothing todo with activated or deactivated Numlock.

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OK, I overlooked the mention of the forward slash (/).

There are keyboard shortcuts to open the quick find bar (' and /) to search for links. I'm not aware of a way to disable these although an extension might work.

What keyboard layout do you use if Shift+7 gives a '/'?

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german qwertz

yes it is '/'

we cannot use an addon. because the webapplication is running on an igel PC (igel.de) with linux partition.

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megadruck said

german qwertz yes it is '/' we cannot use an addon. because the webapplication is running on an igel PC (igel.de) with linux partition.

Firefox is the standard browser. For that reason I have to compile a partition with chrome, to use the scanner.

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The / should not trigger the QuickFind bar if the cursor is in a text input. If the page uses a programmed region (like the calculator on the Google results page when you search for 2 * 2), Firefox doesn't recognize that as a text input and will show the QuickFind bar. There's no built-in feature to turn that off, as far as I know.