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How to export my saved logins file?

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Hello mozilla team,

I am very glad to write you here. My experience with using firefox is going very great and in fact I am using it since the day I started using internet. Today I feel mozilla has made me too secure that whenever I have to enter any password or personal details I allow mozilla to do it in place of me as it knows through saved logins. But at some certain point I got to know that I can't remember all the details but mozilla can and If I have to put the details to any site through any other browser(happens sometimes when I am restricted) then I am blank or not accurate. So I want to have a file stored on my cloud storage, mobile or computer so that If ever get confused I just open that file and telly the details I am required to put in and by doing this there should be a export option along with import option in the saved login section. That's all I want or any alternate option to fulfill this need. Thanks and have a good day!

Exclusive user, Ali

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HI, making a backup of your Profile and your Bookmarks is the way to go. Email bookmarks to yourself and will be using them like me from 95.

Below info you do not need to know, just is something to let you have a idea of what's what in the Profile :

  • bookmarks and history: places.sqlite
  • bookmark backups: compressed .jsonlz4 JSON backups in the bookmarkbackups folder
  • cookies.sqlite for the Cookies
  • formhistory.sqlite for saved autocomplete Form Data
  • logins.json (passwords) and key4.db (58+) or key3.db (57 and older) (decryption key) for Passwords saved in the Password Manager
  • if you only have key3.db then make sure to remove an existing key4.db
  • cert9.db (58+) or cert8.db (57 and older) for (intermediate) certificates stored in the Certificate Manager
  • if you only have cert8.db then make sure to remove an existing cert9.db
  • persdict.dat for words you added to the spelling checker dictionary
  • permissions.sqlite for Permissions and possibly content-prefs.sqlite for other website specific data (Site Preferences)
  • sessionstore.jsonlz4 for open tabs and pinned tabs (see also the sessionstore-backups folder)
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Thanks cor-el , in a very short description you made my life easy. Wish your dreams come true. Good Luck!