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Search bar Amazon suggestion only links to amazon.com

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Hey there, just giving you a bit of feedback.

Every time I use the 'Amazon search suggestions' option with the search bar it only links to the amazon.com website.

As someone who is not in the US this is fairly annoying. Admittedly it's a minor inconvenience but is there any way to have an option for it to permanently search on a localization of my choice e.g amazon.co.uk/ amazon.de, or possibly use geographic settings?

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Maybe you'd like to give this add-on a try :


It says under 'About this extension' :

" We offer localized support in 10 locales, including US, Canada, France,    Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Japan, India, and China. "

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Hi BinarySearchTree, let me see if I understand what's happening.

You are typing in the search bar with the Amazon search plugin selected as your default search engine. You are getting suggestions and clicking one of them loads the matching results. The problem is that the Amazon search plugin (and its corresponding suggestions) are on Amazon.com and not your preferred country edition of Amazon's site.

One solution is to find an Amazon search engine plugin that is localized to your preferred country for both results and suggestions. There are a couple places you could check:

(1) Official Site

While on your preferred Amazon site's home page, click the Page Actions menu in the address bar (••• icon) and looks for an entry like:

Add Search Engine

Click that, then on the Search Bar drop-down, you can right-click > Set As Default Search Engine to give it a try.

Unfortunately, the one available from https://www.amazon.de/ sends searches to Amazon.com, so that one isn't helpful. I didn't check others.

(2) Unofficial Sources (Mostly)

Here are two sites where folks have posted search engine plugins for various Amazon sites:

If you don't find one with the combination of results and suggestions you need, let us know. We can describe how to "roll your own" or perhaps someone will be able to fix/combine the ones that are the closest.