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How can I get the address (URL) bar and tabs on the same row?

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I've been an avid Internet Explorer user for about 2 decades and am finally making the change to another browser. I installed Firefox and like it but I can't figure out how to get the tabs to show on the same row as the address (URL) bar like how I have it set on Internet Explorer 11. On Internet Explorer 11, it's as simple as right clicking and there's an option to check or uncheck "Show tabs on a separate row." I've heard that Firefox is more versatile than all the other browsers so surely there must be a way to do this? Or not? Anyone?

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Have you tried playing with the Customize mode? https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/customize-firefox-controls-buttons-and-toolbars

If you screw things up and can't get it fixed manually, in the lower-right corner of Customize there is a Restore Defaults button to reset all customizations. Play with it and see if that is possible. Sorry, I am not up to seeing if that is possible and screw up my own customizations.

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That is not possible in Firefox unfortunately. The tabs can only be on the toolbar and although you can position other icons on the tab bar like the bookmarks, that isn't possible with the location bar that can't be moved to another toolbar (the location bar is fixed to the Navigation Toolbar).

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I tried the Customize mode but when dragging the address bar to the same row as the tabs, it doesn't stay. It just goes back to its original location. I wonder why this isn't possible with Firefox. Although it seems minor, it's wasting an extra row of space. Wasn't this possible in earlier versions? Do any of you think this functionality will be added to a future Firefox update?

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Outlier said

Wasn't this possible in earlier versions?

See this old thread ('don't know if that will still work ... ) :