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Version after 34 for Linux do not hold volume settings and always revert to maximum even on opening a new video in the same tab.

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I am now forced to run Version 33 and do not wish to be updated as the problem is not present in this version.

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Hi, this forum only supports current versions above 57. What you wish to do is up to you. As for updating Volunteer Support has no control over updating.any version.

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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My problem relates to all versions after 34. The volume issue is present in version 57.

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I would think that the issue would be with your OS controls or sound controls or program rather than 23 Versions of Firefox.

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The official builds of Firefox 52.0 and later on Linux requires use of PulseAudio to play sound and no longer plays sound directly with ALSA in case this matters.