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Video corruption

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Have this problem with some video\coub\streams and etc. Happens not very often, but it's rly unwatchable, pls help. Example: https://gyazo.com/36a66bc09486d23205dadf573704348a

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So why are you writing something in this topic? Your links are useless.

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I tried the link. What I got were multiple colored dancing lines.

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Pkshadow and FredMcD, the gyazo link is to a capture the OP made of the video corruption that Realynn is seeing on some videos. It is not a malicious link nor is it a video the OP is having issues with.

Realynn, where are some examples of videos you are seeing this corruption on as it is with Flash Plugin or HTML5 players and what sites? like say Youtube, Twitch for example?


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James, ty for understanding, It happens on twitch,com\coub.com and in few times on youtube. On twitch i can solve it changing the quality of the stream from 720p, 1080p to 480p and lower, then the picture becomes normal. Problem kinda same on html5 and flash, just random layount of flashing lines on the screen. Tried the same cases in another browser, corruption happens only in firefox.

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I linked to an article as you can try turning of hardware acceleration to see.

Since you use Windows 8.1 it could be due to your Graphic drivers as you can see if there are updates or there is a setting you can try toggling as mentioned in /questions/1187837