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Firefox v60 is quite problematic

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OS: Windows 7 FF version: 60.0.1

I updated FF a couple of days ago (from v59) and I encountered two severe problems until now: 1) FF crashed **for no apparent reason** after about one hour of use. I don't remember when was last time that FF crashed. Years maybe. (Unfortunately, I cannot connect the crash to anything I did and I can't reproduce it.) 2) When I exited FF **normally** today, I saw 3 firefox.exe processes still remaining in Task Manager. This is not normal at all.

Moreover, I consider abnormal the fact that when I open a single FF instance with the new version, there are 5 (five) firefox.exe processes installed in Task Manager!!! Although this is not a problem per se, I believe it has to do with FF crashing and not terminating normally.

In 15-20 years I am using FF, I have never encountered such problems in general, esp. after installing an update!

What are FF people doing? Why do they destroy working versions to produce problematic ones? It looks insane.

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https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/update-firefox-latest-version?cache=no Do you want to update Firefox to the latest version 61.0 Jun 2018

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Thank you for your reply and suggestion.

I do what FF tells me to do so that my reports are totally valid. And FF prompted today to update to 60.1.0esr, which I accepted. Besides, if I go Help -> About Firefox, it says "Firefox is up to date". This is enough for me. I don't want to update to a future version.

Besides, I don't think that this will change anything, because it's the 3d or 4th update since May 21, when I posted this issue. In fact FF got worse: It does not only stalls (i.e. it's hard to type or do anything in general for a couple of minutes), but eveything else around it (all the open programs/apps at that moment) are also stalling/stalled. Now, everyting goes back to normal when I restart FF! Isn't this is enough as an indicator?

But there are other bugs too, e.g. Buttons in "Manage Data" popup window disappear at times (never happened before!), shortcuts like Shift+Alt+A, etc. in Privacy page, etc. that stopped working ... I am afraid that FF developers have decided to sink their boat litle by little!

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aspis said

One month and 10 days have passed since I posted this issue, and I feel I have to update it, as a way to watch its progress. I am on FF v60.0.2. FF not always stalls, as I explained before, to a point you can hardly type anything or do anything -- but still responding somehow -- but everything else -- the programs/apps opened at that moment -- gets stalled...

What is your computer system setup?

I have Win-7 Pro SP1, 8GB of Memory, and a basic video card in this mini-tower (from Nov 2010). I have a 3GB Paging File and a ReadyBoost USB Drive. The computer says I should have about 12GB size for the Paging File, but I had a lot of disk-crunching at this size. Maybe I will creep back up to that size again if the USB ReadyBoost Drive keeps the disk-crunching to a minimum.

I have about 213GB of Free Space remaining on my hard drive.

(Don't let your hard drive get much under 175 to 150GB of Free Space remaining. OS and programs like plenty of free-roaming pasture. If you are anywhere near or under 100GB... Ouch. Do a Clean-up and Clear-up a lot of space!)

Yes, Today's FF is power-hungry, much like other software and the heavier-rendering of Websites nowadays than of yesteryears and of decades past. Today's surfing of Websites and software programs demand more computer and Web-browsing power/memory than ever before.

I regularly delete the browser Cache when it gets near or at 600MB. This helps the browser to operate a little longer before it peaks around the 7GB Memory Mark.

I have the browser Performance Option 'Hardware Acceleration' unchecked and set the 'Content Process Limit' to 2 (for my computer's Dual-Core Processor).

I monitor FF and my computer performance by always having Task Manager open. When Memory usage gets up to and beyond 7GB of my 8GB system and doesn't settle back under that in a reasonable time, then it's time to stop, Exit, and ReStart FF and/or the computer. Regularly exiting of FF and at least a weekly ReBoot/ReStart of the computer helps, too.

Also, when I ReStart my computer, I wait 20 minutes before I start-up FF. I have to wait until a lot of disk-crunching settles down. The waiting helps with the OS and FireFox by having faster start-ups. My computer DeFrags on a regular basis, so I don't know why it has built-up over time/years to disk-crunching for about 20-minutes after a ReBoot/ReStart.


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Thank you for your reply, @Pj. Pity that you had to spend time for all this. (BTW, quoting my comment was unnecessary. You could just say @aspis.)

I am afraid that configuration does not enter at all in the problem. Why: 1) I said that previous versions worked fine (with same PC configuration) -- they didn't manifest such a behavior, 2) I am taking about a real stalling, of the magnitude of "Not responding", not just small delays, 3) I mentioned that no other application manifests the slightest delay in my system (except maybe a few times in the presence of a severe FF problem) and 4) Even if "new" FF has more requirements as far as speed, it is totally unacceptable that one needs to buy that fastest computer in the market -- or just a faster one -- in order to be able to still use FF!! Are all these reasons enough to put the system configuration out of question? :)

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