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how to get my bookmarks and saved passwords from other laptop ? through firefox account

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hello fire fox ^_^

i have a laptop work with win 7 and use fire fox on it >> and i have a firefox account and the sync was on

now this laptop is not wirking any more >>> only have the hard drive ( HDD ) and bougth a device to use it as external HDD

and i bougth a new laptop >> it work with win 10 and installed the firefox and loged in with my firefox account > and it started to sync

and no thing happend >> i didnt recived my bookmarks or passworeds

i entered to see the connected device to my account i found that the old laptop is connected and the last sync was from 6 months ago and that was the last time i could use my old laptop before it crash

now i want to know how to get my bookmarks and passowrd from that last sync since 6 months ?

the other question >>> can i control waht i want to get back from my last sync ? like i want to get back bookmarks and passowreds only >> dont need the setting and extension >>>

thanks for your help ^_^

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Hi, Syncing is for syncing devices (plural) and the hard drive does not cut it. You can if have access to the hard drive to do these by USB Key from one system to another :

Note using 1 device only to sync it's contents will lead to failure in the long run as that is not how it is designed to perform. You should delete that device from your Sync Account.

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i will try to connect my old HDD as external hard drive and get the old firefox profile to copy it to the new firefox profile and will post the result >>

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