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Adobe flash player (in Windows 10) not recognised by Firefox

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I have Adobe Flash Player on my computer. It is an automatic add-on in windows 10 and I have no problem if I'm using edge or chrome. However any time I want to play a video or stream on firefox it wants me to download Adobe Flash. Since I would prefer to use firefox this is a problem. What's the issue and how do I fix it? I should not need to download the program.

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You need the NPAPI version of Flash Player from Adobe. The version for Edge and PPAPI Pepper Flash for Chrome/Chromium will not work in Firefox (and Seamonkey).

Do note the warning to uncheck the extras (for Windows) before downloading from Adobe.

[Fixed typo in link - CI]

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Disclockdisey said

I have Adobe Flash Player on my computer.

Is it the version that James mentions  ?

The latest Adobe Flash version is - it should be displayed as 'Shockwave Flash 29.0.r0' in :

3-bar menu (or 'Tools') => Add-ons => Plugins

And make sure that it's set to 'Always Activate' or 'Ask to Activate'.

If for some reason you don't have the right version installed on your system, you could uninstall it and download from here :


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29 will not update to 31 - automatically or manually 31 NPAPI is installed per the instructions, but Firefox will not recognize it App was uninstalled and reinstalled before using the two methods FireFox recommends. In the Windows 10 list of apps the latest version (23SEP2018)31NPAPI is listed