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Why do you tell your customers that the website owner has set up their website improperly when in reality, the owner has chosen not to purchase an SSL Cert?

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Just because a website doesn't have an https:// designation, does not mean the owner has set up their site improperly. Thanks so much for throwing me and other website owners under the bus for your policies.

I suggest you change the language.

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Links? FF doesn't change language that is up to the site itself.

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Hi legere864, you're right that this may not be the webmaster's fault. The error may occur if:

  • The user is using HTTPS Everywhere or another extension that "upgrades" from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • The user has security software or malware operating as a "man in the middle" of the connection.

The current text is defined as follows:

certerror.introPara "The owner of <span class='hostname'/> has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, &brandShortName; has not connected to this website."

Probably what the error should say is something more along the lines of:

"&brandShortName; received a web server certificate that either did not match <span class='hostname'/> or could not be verified as valid. To protect your information from being stolen, &brandShortName; has not connected to this website."

But that might be too technical for some users.

Do you want to file a bug suggesting a specific wording change? Because Firefox error messages need to be translated in numerous languages, this kind of thing won't happen quickly, but you could at least get the ball rolling.

And meanwhile, many hosts now offer free HTTPS, and Google is said to give higher rank to HTTPS sites, so please see whether you can get it for your site(s).

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