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Bookmarks Problem

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Hello Mozilla Community

My problem is really serious because I have a lot of things on this bookmarks So I got a new hard drive because the old one burned and I couldn't retrieve anything from it after that I installed and opened my account (sign in to sync) on the new Firefox but the bookmarks didn't sync after I sign in and I don't have any HTML backup because I thought It is a sync service my bookmarks should be on this account So I want a way to retrieve them whatever it takes

thanks in advance

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Hi, It appears from your question, that you are using Firefox Sync as a back up service. This is not what Sync is designed to do. The Firefox Sync service takes a copy of the data you wish to include and transfers it to a second device (typically a mobile device such as a tablet or a telephone) running a copy of Firefox. The storage in between all attached devices is both temporary and fragile and is not stable enough to be (and is not designed as) a reliable backup service.

That being said there is no way to recover your information data. Firefox Volunteer Support provides information only. As far as I know you are the only one able to access your data, if it is not there then it is gone.

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.