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"A web page is slowing down your browser"

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Hi. I'm beginning to constantly get the message "A web page is slowing down your browser". Comes up when I'm browsing Ebay, Facebook and just one tab open.

I have a fairly old laptop, Acer 5315, made I think for Windows7. I have just 2Gb of Ram installed. I'm running FireFox version 58.02.

Windows10 was making my PC unusuable, so I went and installed Windows7, so I now have a dual boot system. The change to Windows7 has made a big difference. Indeed, last week when I made the change to Windows7, browsing was just fine. But now browsing is "sticky". As far as I know, I should be having a problem free browsing expereince, even with my fairly old laptop. Things were OK last week.

All my Fiorefox profiles are on a dedicated partition. I have several User Accounts on my PC. They are not people, my User Accounts have names like Hobbies, DIY, Legal etc. Now, I use the same Firefox profiles acrss the PC Accounts. So, when I'm in User Account named say "Hobbies", my Firefox Profile called Shopping reads the files (profile files) in a folder called FIREFOXPROFILE-SHOPPING. If I'm in User Account called "Legal", again my Firefox profile for Shopping is set to read the files in the folder FIREFOXPROFILE-SHOPPING. That's my setup.

I've been using a profile manager where you add "-profilemanager" to the end of the command string, which you see when you look at properties in the program shortcut.. But, this morning I went and downloaded the Advanced Profile Manager app.

What I see is, that one of the names (i.e. profile names) in fact Shopping, is marked "Default". All of the profiles I have are marked "Locked". Now, when I try to do anything (like backup or open a profile), I get this message: "Profile X appears to be in use, performing this operation may produce a corrupted profile or have other harmful effects. Continue?" NB: X is whatever profile I have selected, i.e, default, Shopping etc).

.I'm hoping that I can manage to trace why I'm getting the message "A web page is slowing down your browser". Thanks. Rich

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hi, can you capture a performance profile once that happens and share it here? https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Performance/Reporting_a_Performance_Problem

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Just some other stuff: I don't have any add ons enabled. CPU usage is quite low now that I'm running Windows7. So, I'm at a loss as to why my browser is slowed by a page. I did just recently have IBM Trusteer program installed on my PC, and last week I did click to add an ad on associated with IBM Trusteer. But, other day I uninstalled this Trusteer program, so it does not now show up as an add on in FireFox. I wondered you see if Trusteer was some cause. But, must not have been, because it's not installed now.

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”Webpage is slowing down your browser” This is the new way the browser tells you there is a problem with the script program(s). https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/warning-unresponsive-script?cache=no